Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2909. A dog passes fishy urine for the 3rd time after medication given by 2 vets

Jan 7, 2016

"I did not go back to Vet 1 because my dog passed fishy urine before the completion of the medication as compared to Dr Daniel's" the lady said to me today when I followed up on her dog, a 7-year-old female, not spayed Maltipoo treated by me 7 days ago.

I was Vet 3 and since the dog was having medication, she could not comment on my failure or success after consultation dated Dec 31, 2015 (video).

"At least Dr Daniel (who was Vet 2) had medication which stopped the fishy urine smell during the course of treatment," the lady laughed.  Dr Daniel had done a urine test on Dec 8 and had recommended Urinary S/O to acidify the urinary pH which was 9. Blood was 3+.  However  the owner claimed that she was not told not to feed the dog with other kinds of food.

So, the urinary S/O still gave a urine pH of 9.0, nitrite +, protein 2+, blood 4+, bacteria +. There were amorphous  phosphate+ and triple phosphate + on the urine sample tested on Dec 31, 2015.

This time, I needed an X-ray done as the dog had a very painful anterior abdomen. She had dysuria, haematuria, vulval swelling but no vomiting. Fishy urine again.

X-rays show a ureter stone. That accounted for the acute painful cries when I palpated the anterior abdomen. After pain-killers, the dog was OK and as Jan 7, 2016, he was not passing any fishy urine. I advised feeding S/D for 1-3 months to be followed by dry C/D to acidify the urine.  As for urinary S/O fed on the recommendation of Dr Daniel, the owner claimed that he was not told to feed solely the S/O and had fed various other food. Hence the urinary pH was still 9 when I tested the urine on Dec 31, 2015.

Time will tell whether the dog will be passing fishy urine after this consultation. Now he is still on medication. 


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