Sunday, January 3, 2016

2905. INTERN. Can you be a millionaire breeder vet? KPI for C-sections


Breeder's Caesarean Sections done in late 2015 and early 2016

1.  C-section Dr Sing Kong Yuen.  Corgi survived. 7 pups not moving on delivery. Very thin Corgi.  Milk. Breeder fosters 2 pups to a poodle and other pups to maltese . 

Follow up one month later. All 7 pups thriving.

2. C-section byDr Daniel Sing.
Toa Payoh Vets. Anorexic very thin Corgi and 5 pups. No milk. Pups died by 5th day, fostered out. 

3.  Breeder complained of a C-section by another vet clinic. 8 pups died. Breeder lost $40,000. Said they were alive before C-section.  Breeder alleged that the young vet was inexperienced and he was not permitted to see the surgery. He suspected IV sedation leading to death of all 8 pups, an image of which he showed in his smartphone. Old vets can do it, but young vets cause death of pups. One side of story as the other vet's side was unknown.

4.  C-section by Dr Daniel Sing.
Dam died after surgery. Breeder was not happy as usual.  3 Corgis puppies were fostered out. OK at 6 weeks seen.

C-sections for breeders cannot be a 100% guaranteed successful outcome as much depends on the breeder's judgment to opt for timely C-Sections. Younger vets do get the blame when the outcome is not to the breeder's expectations and perception of experience.  Very few vets in Singapore have access to professional dog breeders who get $500 C-sections from certain vets, a very cheap rate which may include X-rays too.

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