Saturday, January 2, 2016

2904. A 7-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has an "orange" lump

Jan 3, 2015

"My dog can't sit down on hard floors," the young lady with tattooed arms and her mother said. "She pees here and there by not going to the toilet."

"Can she poop normally?" I asked.
"She poops little amount and she eat less now," the mother said. "The lump used to be soft but is now hard as an orange!".

"This looks very much like an inguinal hernia or a breast tumour at Left Mammary Gland 5," I fel the lump. "There is no pain and no spreading of any breast tumours to other breasts."

"The lump used to be soft and yielding," the mum said. "So we did not bother to see the vet."
"Did you push the lump into the body last time when it was small?" I asked.
"We don't do this," mum said. "A vet told us my dog has pyometra."
"It is difficult to diagnose without seeing the dog. She may have pyometra. When was her last heat?"

"Last week," mum said. "That is why she has this brownish vaginal discharge."  I checked but found no discharge.

"Can you ensure that the dog will survive surgery?" mum asked.
"Not possible," I replied.

3 - 7 days later, after medication, I will operate. The dog is in good bodily condition but has bad breath.   

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