Sunday, August 2, 2015

2959. Looking for a "good" vet. Retained ovarian tissues

August 2, 2015
Hi Dr Sing,

She has stop passing gas now but she's been drinking a lot of water since yesterday (estimate 400-500 ml today). Her temp went from her usual 37.7-38.2 to 38.2 - 38.9, albeit it's within the normal range I find it quite peculiar the vast changes. She had some slight lethargy, weak legs, slow motion, panting, hiding under the bed/table/couch, restlessness on Yesterday. 
This is just so strange she was so well playful, no swollen tummy, normal water consumption on Wednesday till Saturday. 

I've now removed the water in case there's a stump and it builds up into pus. 

Here's the latest pix of the swollen stomach. I've also discovered a blood spot, which doesn't seems recent. 

She's on juroclav since yesterday (Sunday), she had to stop her antibiotic on Wed-Sat because she had severe rashes from it. 

What's the cost of x-ray? Do u have the facilities in your clinic?

Im not too sure if she has an infection, how do we determine that? In her previous urine test it showed her WBC was in the normal range, would that confirm any infection.
This case shows the lack of confidence in all vets as the owner now does her own diagnosis. Vet 1 had spayed her dog (pyometra) saving the dog's life. However the dog showed signs of heat after the spay and passed some spots of vaginal discharge. Vet 2's ultrasound diagnosed ovarian remnant in the left kidney area and gastroenteritis.

The dog was not as active as before and seemed to be in pain. I advised her to get a review again with Vet 2. The owner decided on self-treatment with antibiotics and tramadol pain-killer. She looks for a "good" vet.

In my reply, I wrote:

As each vet, like you, is an individual, you cannot expect perfections.

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