Sunday, August 2, 2015

2958. Stray cat spay in 5 minutes

Aug 3, 2015

Youtube Video:

A stray cat is spayed in 5 minutes.

1. Short skin incision around 2.5 cm
2. Hook out uterine horn, exposing a longer length of ovary and ovarian ligament
3. Clamp on ovarian ligament twisted in a circle to include the tip of a part of the ligament when the ovarian tissues are cut. The tip of the clamp forceps then catch this tip and pull it inwards to "ligate" the ovarian blood vessels. No need to use stitches as in standard spay.  Repeat on the other ovary.
4. Uterine body is clamped and ligated as in standard spay.
5. Stainless steel suture is used to ligate uterine body, muscle layer (one cross stitch) and subcutaneous skin (horizontal mattress suture under the skin).  

Claimed that the cat can be released immediately. Any age from 6 weeks onwards. These are stray cats.  

Video time taken: Less than 5 minutes. Cat spayed was on heat and so the uterine horns are swollen and easily hooked.No need e-collars.

For most vets, I will advise
1. A longer skin incision to ensure that the ovarian tissues are 100% taken out and seen. This is to prevent remnants of ovarian tissues remaining in the "spayed" cat.
2. Ligate  the ovarian ligament with absorbable sutures as in the standard spay.
3. Toa Payoh Vets use one separate suture packet per cat spayed, not from a reel of sutures as for stray cats.

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