Thursday, July 23, 2015

2504. INTERN The guinea pig with the left head tilt has left nostril discharge and pneumonia again

Jul 23, 2015

The guinea pig with the left head tilt has pneumonia again. Came in yesterday evening.
Owner was not able to treat previously the guinea pig at home. 
"Some vets don't like to give subcutaneous injection," I said to the man. "Sometimes the owner blames the vet for the painful reaction or death from the injection in seriously ill guinea pigs." I said. "The owner would say that the sick guinea pig was still alive but after the injection, he dies. So, it is due to the injection."

"I understand my guinea pig is seriously ill," he said. "I will not blame you if you give the injections."

Informed consent is important nowadays. I gave the guinea pig SC baytril and 2 ml of dextrose saline and Vit B + C at 6.30 p.m.  This morning, he is better and no longer pants so fast. I had given the same treatment last time and the guinea pig had felt better, according to the owner. He had seen my associate who prescribed him oral medication and I was around and so he asked me about the injection. I warded the guinea pig as he could not manage the medication administration.

So far so good.    

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