Saturday, July 25, 2015

2955, INTERN. Good Performance Counts - emergency Caesearean section

Sat July 25, 2015

I was surprised to see the poodle coming in for Caesearean section again as I have not seen the dog after the milk fever in the first emergency C-section around 2 years ago.

The lady showed me her mobile phone image of x-rays taken by another clinic, showing 2 puppies. She had decided not to go to this vet as I had a good outcome for her first surgery.  (Video clip of first C-section).

Jun 25, 2015.
C-section  - 2 large pups in one uterine horn.

1. Brown pup was nearer the cervix and had lungs clogged with mucus. Swinging saved her life as mucus in nose and mouth showed lungs were filled with mucus.

2. White pup took at least 5 minutes to cry. No need swinging.

Sunday. Jun 26, 2015 - good outcome as dam and puppies are OK. The parents are most happy.
Puppies came in for tail docking (SEPARATE VIDEO ON VET SURGERY OF TAIL DOCKING).


How to extract videos from youtube

Dear Dr Sing,
to extract videos from youtube,

1.  all we need to do is visit the website:
2. Under " media url to download" insert the url of the youtube video you want to extract
3. and press continue and convert.

The website is very user-friendly and actually shows the steps you need to take, it should be easy for the interns to use. Hope this helps.

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go to for latest relevant videos as well.
puppies tail docked today. Make a separate video from above. TAIL DOCKING POODLES 

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