Sunday, July 19, 2015

2502. INTERN The dwarf hamster has right eyelid abscess and impaced left chhek pouch

July 19, 2015
Butter. Dwarf hamster. F, 2 yrs?

Scratching right eye and lame RH - looked like dragging his right hind foot. Some time.
1. R lower eyelid much swollen  - diagnosed subconjunctival abscess. To lance and drain. Owner to do it at home with opening the incision wound, cotton bud to express the pus, daily.

2. L cheek pouch hairless area nearer to the face - diagnosed impacted cheek pouch. irritation. rubs till hairless (see video).  To excise.
1. V. thin. 30 g.  Informed consent. anaesthetic death likely.  Zoletil 100 IM. (video).
2. Surgery  (video). Hamster took >1 hour to recover and walk. Sent home.  Owner to express pus from eyelid daily without fail. Wound will close. Must keep it open to express the pus. Medication for 7 days.

July 24, 2015  phone
Tone of voice of owner seems happier.
Hamster more active.
Eyelid abscess - still has pus coming out. Expressed pus.

Left cheek pouch. No more swelling.
RH leg still dragging. Been like that for some time.
Owner gave smaller pieces of seeds, vegetables. hamster is very thin now.
"Stool pellets more now?" I asked.  Can't say.

Advised exercise wheel and stop  medication at 7th day (this Sunday)

Asked her to email me a video clip of hamster. Will do.   

Right cheek pouch impaction 3 times. Excised.
seems to be an obsessive hoarder of food inside cheek pouch. Much loved by the lady owner.

Outcome Good.
Case closed.



Like a grocery bag (image), the hamster can hoard his food inside this expandable thin bag inside his cheek. This is called cheek pouch. Similarly to a money pouch (image) for travellers. 

The cheek pouch can be a liability if it everts and hangs loose as in this dwarf hamster.
It is painful and irritating to the hamster. The hamster tries to pull the dangling pouch away but it cannot do it.


See for more cases of everted cheek pouch pre and post-op and get their images to present 

The treatment is surgery. A hamster vet will anaesthesize your hamster and cut it away. See video.

Get videos from youtube of

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