Saturday, July 18, 2015

2501. Unbelievable tale: The owner of the cat who climbed 16 storeys home

July 15, 2015

"He is still angry with me for bringing him to the vet," the lady owner visited me today to say that the cat no longer has difficulty in urination. This cat would never get into the car as he associated this with visit to the vet.

"That's good news," I explained the blood test results of her cat to her. She had to go for her Buddhist retreat and so she was worried about this cat.

"A famous Aljunied fortune-teller had told my father that one of his 8 children would become a Buddhist," she said. "I would have become a Buddhist nun if I was not married as I am into the Buddhist faith. At first I thought it would my younger son as he was interested in the Buddhist practices and would go to the temple often."

"What happened to him?"
"I took him out of the temple as there was a lot of swearing," she said. "In time, I converted to Buddhism."

This fortune teller had given her father an amulet or blessed cloth to keep him safe. Her father carried it with him every day.  "One day, a large truck smashed into the passenger side of his car, damaging the side door badly," she recounted. "Yet my mother was not injured a bit. My father took out his amulet and it was stained full of blood. Do you believe this story?"

"Blood appearing out of thin air?" I said. "This is not possible scientifically. But many things cannot be explained by science."  I recounted to her my experience of seeing blood drops appearing out of thin air when I helped a client to design a company logo. Only when the logo design was correct did blood stop appearing. She found this story unbelievable. 

"When I was a baby, I could not be wakened for 3 days," the lady said. "The doctor said I was dying or dead as I did not move. No baby could be alive without food or water. My father consulted several mediums. One gave him a packet of ash. He mixed it with water and put on my lips. I woke up.

"What was the cause?" I asked.
"It seemed that my father had cemented a big hole in front of our house. My shadow was covered up while cementing. So I could not wake up. After breaking open the cemented area, my shadow was freed."

This was an unbelievable tale. "Is the house still around? Where is it?" I asked.
"It had been demolished and is part of the PIE (Pan Island Expressway) now."

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