Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2461. A man with two ear rings and a biting Japanese Spitz

 "My friend's Japanese Spitz has a tail wound," the man with the two ear rings said. "He bites my friend and so I dare not muzzle him."

This Spitz is 10 kg and well groomed. My assistant and I tried to muzzle him but he would turn his head away. He did not growl or show any warning signs of going to bite. For safety of the handlers and staff, I gave him an IM injection of Domitor and Ketamine at 0.2 ml and 0.25 ml. It was effective.

My assistant clipped the right side of the tail which looked bruised from self-inflicted bite wounds. "This is usually due to anal sac disease," I said. "The anal sacs get blocked with lots of anal sac oil and this is itchy to the dog. The dog bites the tail area, runs round in circles, chase the tail or scooter the backside on the floor."

"I don't see any of this," the man with the ear rings said.
 "How often you spend time with the Spitz?" I asked as he was working.
"I will ask my friend."

My assistant expressed the anal sacs and several thick plugs of brown oil shot past him onto the wall. So, there was anal sac impaction.  

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