Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2460. Follow up 4 days later - FLUTD cat saved from euthanasia

Monday Jun 9, 201t5

I got a phone call from the black and white cat owner. "You asked me to phone after 4 days of medication. My cat can pee at one go now, most of the time" the woman said. "It is much less stressful for me. He has his own water bowl and is kept away from the other cat. 4 days ago, I had wanted to put him to sleep as he had great difficulty peeing!" 

This cat was catheterised by another vet around 2 months ago for dysuria and prescribed Royal Canine Urinary S/O.  The cat did not take the S/O at all. Recurrence came 3 weeks ago. I gave antibioitcs and painkillers as there was no genital inflammation, bladder or kidney pain and advised separate water bowl and to live separately from the other cat. No X-ray for urinary stones would be done unless there was another recurrence. Also to feed canned C/D slowly.

The cat did not eat the C/D and the dysuria presented stressing the mum who wanted to euthanase he cat. 4 days of ACP at 2.5 mg twice a day and meloxicam at 0.05mg/kg oral.

The cat was able to pee at one go at the litter box now. The meloxicam will be stopped as long-term use may cause kidney damage. The ACP will be given once a day. The mother would feed the canned C/D more and put dry C/D freely. No other dry cat food brand. Water bowl exclusively for this cat, not sharing with the other cat.

To phone me if there is dysuria. There is a need to X-ray the abdomen for urinary stones. 

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