Thursday, May 28, 2015

2172. Ap Alert sensor

March 29, 2015 

The vet's wife wanted to buy an Ap Alert sensor as her husband considered it very useful. If the dog stops breathing, there is the warning and if it breathes regularly, there is the regular beeping sound. She contacted another vet whose receptionist told her that she must wait till the product comes in from Australia. It would cost $35.

The supplier I sourced for her quoted $250. Her husband said to buy two as his wife did not answer the phone or called me back. I confirmed two but the wife said one would do. The supplier was angry at this change of mind and despite my confirming two, he would not sell.

"Some years ago, she ordered some equipment with price agreed at $580. My girl delivered it to her office," he said." She wrote a cheque of $500. My girl accepted it as she would have wasted her taxi fare in bringing it back. "This $58 meant a lot to me as I had few customers."

In another instance, she asked him to keep the equipment for her but did not buy it. He said another vet asked him for quotations and even asked him to inform other suppliers about the new premises. In the end, this vet did not buy anything from him nor inform him of his failure to secure any business.
Some vets would ask for quotations and buy elsewhere or directly from Australia but would phone him for repairs. One even used another telephone as he did not respond to her call.

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