Thursday, May 28, 2015

2171. The guinea pig's head tilts left - review after 1 week

May 29, 2015

I did not expect to see the busy father after the treatment of the inappetant guinea pig with the left head tilt 7 days ago. The 3-year-old guinea pig was eating 50% of the food and was very thin at 700grams bodyweight.

He turned up with his two daughters today on May 29, 2015 and I was surprised as most owners do not bother or care for a review when their rabbit or guinea pig has head tilt.

"There is much improvement as she tilts her head less," he was glad that the bodyweight is now 752 grams and the guinea pig was eating. He fed Vitamin C tablet crushed in powdery form and bought wood and mineral blocks, but the guinea pig ignored them.

"No more left nostril pus after your antibiotic treatment, but the left eye is still cloudy."  He cared for this guinea pig much despite his busy travelling. "After 3 days of ear drops, she would object strongly to any more ear cleaning."

"I need to irrigate the left ear under isoflurane gas anaesthesia," I advised this procedure as the guinea pig had had painful ears with black soot-like substances. "To flush out the black sticky dirt inside the ears as the guinea pig had no ear cleaning for the past 3 years. Did you give her more space to exercise?" 

"This time, I extended the living space by placing her bottle at a far end of the pen. In this she's got to walk a longer distance to drink."

Under anaesthesia, I checked the molars using my fore-finger to feel for molar spurs. No sharp cheek teeth. The front teeth was trimmed 2 mm shorter.

The guinea pig's left eye cornea was cloudy but much less. She would rub her eyes whenever eye drops were applied.

As there is less head tilt, we will wait another 7-14 days after the ear irrigation and another type of ear drop dripped into the left ear to check whether the head will no more tilt to the left.

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