Thursday, May 21, 2015

2166. The teacher's pet hamster looked like Lone Ranger

March 22, 2015
"How is your hamster now?" I asked the young lady who is a teacher.
"No more creamy discharge from her eyes," she was happy.
"That would be pus," I said. "Are the hairs growing back on her face. The areas around her eyes were all bald and so she looked like she was wearing a mask, like Lone Ranger!"
"It will take some time for the hairs to grow. Previously, her face was wet, wet, wet but now it is dry."
"Was it water from the water bottle?" I asked.
"No, I don't think so."
"It could be from the eye tears," I assumed.

Now she restricts the hamster to a strict die. Around 5 seeds like corn and peeled sunflower seeds. No coloured star pellets and others.So the hamster would not stuff her left cheek.\

I remember this black hamster very well because she had caused much distress to the teacher with the right cheek pouch impacted 3 times. The last time I had it excised and there was no more problem. Till this creamy eye discharge.

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