Thursday, May 21, 2015

2165. A busy father spares time for the left head-tilting guinea pig

Mar 21, 2015

"No, you have not been prompt in consulting me," I said. "The head tilt has been present for 2 weeks."

What is the cause of this left head tilt in this pretty female 2-year-old guinea pig much loved by the daughter. "There is also pus from the left nostril," the father said. "And something white in the left eye."

The lungs had sounds on ausculation, more on the left side. The eye cornea did not stain green with fluorescein stain test and this white central elevated patch across the middle of the eyeball could be a scar. Everything seems to be on the left.

So, was there an injury or infection to the left side of the body? The guinea had lost 50% of the appetite and the rectal temp was 36.4 (hypothermia). The ears had never been cleaned and there was black soot in both ears. The creature squealed when I palpated her ears.

She weighed 700g. What was wrong with her?  

Most likely a middle ear infection. Will need to follow up after antibioics.

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