Saturday, May 16, 2015

2155. Ozone-oil treatment for all types of illnesses?

Saturday May16, 2015

I had breakfast on this sunny blue-sky Saturday morning with a senior vet. There was a Caucasian vet who came to Singapore to buy veterinary practices and I advised him to sell his practice. "The general offer is 3 times the annual revenue, subject to negotiations," I had read about this in some financial books and this Caucasian vet had also mentioned this formula to me.

This senior vet has a new product - an ozone-oil said to be very good for coughs, diarrhoea, skin wounds and many illnesses. In one case, the puppies with diarrhoea recovered after being given this product.  "However, the breeder did not get the same outcome when the puppies had diarrhoea again," he laughed. His hypothesis is that antibiotics are specific for some types of bacteria like gram +positive only. But his ozone-oil, like the freshness of the air around sea waves, kills all bacteria, yeasts, viruses and other pathogens.

I had no comments. "If your product can heal wounds within 2 days, you have a big market with the construction workers," I said. "They suffer from cuts at work and coughing from hard work. Your product will say like hot cakes."     

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