Saturday, May 16, 2015

2154. The Schnauzer's groomer is more important than the vet

Saturday Mar 16, 2015

Today was a busy Saturday. Dr Daniel had gone to Bangkok for a seminar and I was the only vet seeing cases. I was surprised to see this 10-year-old Miniature Schnauzer as the owner had not bothered to bring him for an annual vaccination and check up. The dog goes to the groomer every 2 monthly or so.

The dog was itchy and kept scratching his ears and body. So, the mistress came to see me. "He bites and will not be muzzled," she said. "He was whining in the car as I drove nearer to your clinic. Whenever he bites he paws, I will say 'Dr Sing' and he would stop. However, he would still bite his paws when I am not around."

I had seen this dog as a puppy and had seen him for the first 6 years at least once. As the mistress got promoted, she had to travel a lot for meetings in Germany and so she did not spend any time to bring the dog in for his annual check up or vaccination. The groomer's appointments were kept. Many owners doctor hop and so it was most surprising when I saw her after 4 years.

Health screening or wellness care once a year including physical examination, blood and urine tests and dental check ups will detect any diseases early so that the dog can live longer.

Case 2.
A young lady who returned home from overseas phoned to say her Cocker Spaniel had fits suddenly. She booked dog transport and came to see me. "Rotten teeth and painful ear infections can cause fits," I said to her. The dog was 12 years old and the teeth were all black. In some cases, just removing the painful decaying teeth would have improved the health of the older dog. But many owners in Singapore just do not have time or inclination to send the dog for dental check up at the vet. Some dog groomers provide such a service and so, the groomer is more important than the vet. Till the dog has serious illness and in this case, the vet is needed!

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