Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1169. Deep spreading pyoderma in a young female pug

Pustules on chin, nose and ears first  --- chin acne or nasal pyoderma. Ear pustules.

Skin scraping - demodectic mites and dermatophytes  ----- No demodecosis, dermatophytosis yes No bacterial culture and sensitivity done to lower costs

Spreading. Very itchy

Skin biopsy on collarettes when lesions get more - ruptured epidermal cysts --- pyogranulamatous processes
No fungal culture
No cytology

Ciprobay, ketoconizole, amitraz wash, atopica, pred at different times.
e-collar, booties for hind paws, pain relief.

Healing after more than 4 weeks of treatment
Folliculitis or impetigo?
Deep spreading pyoderma

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1146. Pug with folliculitis

Mar 24, 2015
Review of the pug. 9 days. Still has inflamed skin. Appeared spreading.
Ringworm +ve some hairs
Skin scrapings 3 areas - no mites seen.
Allergy?  Plastic biting of handles of mum's bedframe - allergic on chin and face.

COMPLEX DEEP PYODERMA - seborrheic conditions - follicular and sebaceous disease.
A skin biopsy showed ruptured epidermal cyst - pyogranulomatous inflammation.

A very difficult skin disease to treat with antibiotics in this pug as the pyoderma keeps spreading and the pug keeps scratching every day uncontrollably.  

Skin biopsy is important in this case. Report
 -- ruptured epidermal cysts

VIDEO AS AT APRIL 12, 2015    MORE THAN 4 WEEKS OF TREATMENT OF THE DEEP SPREADING PYODERMA. Not fully recovered yet. Will the pustules and collarettes recur?

armpit left side - infection caused by left hind leg traumatic scraching  ---foreign body material like plastic and hair keratin scratched into the dermis --- collarettes?

Still has 7 days of medication and on amitraz wash. Appears to be healing now. Owners are happy.


APRIL 14, 2015
Always palpate and press the skin lump. It was painful as the pug reacted to palpation. I suspected an abscess. Histology report of skin lump from central sternal area - acute suppurative inflammation and abscess formation. Noevidence of malignancy. 

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