Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1168. How to examine a Beagle's swollen closed eye?

Yesterday, Apr 13, 2015, a gentleman brought in a Beagle with the left eye swollen and closed 90% while the right eye was 60% closed. Both eye conjunctiva had bulged and swelled to a large soft mass. What was the cause? He had been barking the whole night.

"I suspect that some naughty  had splashed chemicals onto his eye or he had contacted such chemicals from the fertilisers or plant."

"My Beagle is leashed and so it is not possible for boys to do it," the man said. "Besides, I live in a very good neighbourhood."

"It is possible that there are naughty boys who splashed acid onto his eyes," I replied. "There are always the fringe extremes of human behaviour."


Dr Daniel sedated the dog and gave an IV drip with dexamethaone and baytril. The conjunctiva had reduced much in swellings after the use of 0.1 ml of dexamethasone as you can see in the images..


The white debris are hairs. A video shows clearly the fluorescein stained green corneal ulceration. The next day, the owner came to visit. Swelling of the right eye had subsided by 90%. Should go home tomorrow.

The dog could have splashed himself with cleaning detergent as he had been leashed near the washing area and mop. So, there was no naughty boys.

Significant finding is low platelets  106   (200-500) indicating that there was toxaemia.
The white cell count is normal  11.9 (6-17),  N 74%  (60-70%),  N absolute 8.8 (3-11), L 19%, L absolute 2.21, M 4%, M absolute 0.45%, E 3.9%, E absolute 0.46, B 0.1%, B absolute 0.01

He looked much better today. The image was taken when he was sedated to check his eye ulceratios. The left eye was normal.

Left eye cornea no longer stains green with fluorescein indicating that the corneal surface is not ulcerated. However, I can see faint cloudiness in the central area.

The left eye white (sclera) is severely congested indicating that there was severe inflammation and pain when the chemicals spill over the left cornea.. E-collar is applied.  VIDEO

Dog goes home with painkillers and eye drops.

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