Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1199. Three Chinese New Year inpatients.

Chinese New Year, Feb 20, 2015 is a cloudy day.

There will definitely be no cases as the owners celebrate.

I came to check on the Jack Russell that had recovered from vomiting and diarrhoea, the terrapin that swam sideways and the kitten that had diarrhoea for over a week.

1. The terrapin had been here for 2 days. Had lost 2 grams but is more active and no longer gasping as evident by the rapid throat movements of rapid panting. I noted the shell has had become greener instead of yellow green 2 days ago. He had not put on much weight as his two siblings, all originated from Florida, USA and sold by Pet Lovers' Centre. This batch looked good when I saw them some weeks ago at the pet shop. Now, the owner had a hideout which is a dome-shaped porcelain. Only 2 terrapins could hide inside as there is insufficient space now. Probably they bullied this 3rd one who is yellowish green in shell colour while the other two are dark green (see video).

Today, I tested this patient. He could swim with less frequency of right sided tilting after 2 days of inpatient treatment. He was exposed to sunlight as he never had ultraviolet light at home. The owner did phone yesterday but it takes time to recover from respiratory disease.

2. The Jack Russell had recovered from vomiting and diarrhoea some 2 days ago. The owner is very busy going all round Singapore to fix fibre-optic problems. He appeared on his bike at around 11.30 am and I saw him while I was monitoring this terrapin outside. He loves this Jack Russell and I offered to send the dog and him home in my car since he was riding his motorbike. He said he would drive his car here tomorrow. After much persuasion, he took the dog home on his motorbike (video). Some people work very hard for a living and I could see his weariness and bloodshot eyes. For the long hours he put in, he had no time to relax, let alone pick up his dog. Anyway, the dog went home today, on his bike.

4. The diarrhoeic kitten was still lethargy but still alive. Had drank water but did not want to eat. Handfeeding is done although he rejected after a few mouthfuls. Multivit, water and antibiotics are given.

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