Friday, February 20, 2015

1121. Born free

Feb 21, 2015
6.30 am exercise

Feb 21, 2015. 6.30 am
3rd day of Chinese New Year

I exercised in a public fitness area
The Bar Bender burned my upper arm muscles as I bent the two bars inwards and counted 1, 2, 3
Could do 10 now.
The Standing Push ups - could do 20
The Abdominal muscle bender - could do 100
The cycling machine - too creaky and noisy. would upset residents and so I did less cycling.
Daily workout, one at 6 am and one in the evening
Better than going to the air-conditioned gym once a while.
Self discipline needed. Fresh air.

Can see dawn breaking. Black sky to dark blue to light blue.
Today, a bird high up in the tree "tweet, tweet, tweet..." 10 times for some time. Born free. Shorter life.
Like some men. Addicted to coffee and late night online gaming to 4 am. Every night if possible.
Unable to wake up. A mean-looking grumpy face at the office.
Can never function normally or be kind to any one when deprived of coffee in the morning.

A bird in the nearby terraced house sang a melody every time. Caged. No freedom. Safety. But no worries of predators or hunger.
Like some women. Cannot survive without air-conditioning.
Unable to appreciate the wild flowers and flitting butterflies in the hot and humid countryside
Admonition on travel to undeveloped areas with no electricity and with no air conditioning     


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