Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The old Jack Russell had more black and red skin spots - to follow up

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014

The busy working lady owner of this 11-year-old male neutered Jack Russell complained that the dog's skin disease was not cured despite 2 consultations with my associate vet. "The Z/D is ineffective," she said. I asked her to show me the images of the skin diseases in her handphone.

"The red circular spots and more black circular spots are suggestive of ringworm infections," I said.
"You are in human resources and will know the diversity of human personalities," I explained. "Vets have their own findings and conclusions about skin diseases which can be due to many causes. Environmental cause such as food allergies, contact with chemicals are some causes."

"Does ringworm affect people?" she asked.
"Yes," I said. "Some people develop red rashes on their hands and lap and even chest where the dog had contact after being hugged or carried."
"I had itchy rashes on my right wrist and had to consult the doctor," she said. "It took some time to heal with antibiotics and other drugs."
"It was probably ringworm," I said. "Did you have rashes on your lap too?"
"Yes! yes!" she said.
"On your chest area?"
"No, I don't hug my dog."

"Ringworm is hard to confirm sometimes. Negative findings of hairs may not mean there is no ringworm. I need to review the dog this Sunday morning."

"Can the black spots disappear?" she asked.
"They are due to hyperpigmentation as a result of you applying some cream  for many weeks," I said.
"I didn't do it," she replied.
"Some long-time licking by the dog or lotion or wash," I said. "Black skin pigments migrate to the infected areas."

"Does the dog go to the groomer?" I asked as sometimes ringworm is contacted by grooming with infected blades and scissors.
"Yes, just last month," she said.

I need to follow up this case to determine whether it is ringworm.  

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