Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A 7-year-old rabbit passed away on Christmas

The thin 7-year-old black and white rabbit was a present for the older boy. The rabbit was lethargic yesterday and today. Behaved abnormally by being hyperexcited and squeezed through the bars of the fencing.

I asked the caller to come before 12 noon. The family came at 11.40 am. The rabbit's tongue turned cyanotic as he stretched and wanted to spring forward. He passed away after this behaviour was exhibited. The tongue had turned pale. The eyelids were pale. There could be internal haemoorrhage as he squeezed in between the fences.

Reddish brown urine passed out, indicating a urinary tract infection. The rabbit was cremated. A sad Christmas for 2 pre-teen brothers as they felt the loss badly esp. the elder one.

The rabbit was thin and could have suffered an infection some weeks ago.

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