Monday, December 22, 2014

An old male Miniature Schnauzer cannot control his bladder

Dec 18, 2014

The not neutered 10-year-old Schnauzer could not control his bladder for the past 1 week.
"Very smelly urine," the husband said. "He has bad breath for a long time."
I palpated the lower mid abdomen. The dog winced in pain. "Schnauzers are famous for urinary stones," I advised x-rays, blood and urine tests. The client permitted x-rays and urine tests only.

No urinary stones seen but the urine had occasional triple phosphate crystals and bacteria. Diagnosis was urinary tract infection.The dog recovered his bladder control after antibiotics. I post a urine test reminder card one month after the first test but much depends on the owner as some ignore such veterinary advices. Usually vets don't have time to send such reminders too.

COMPARE TO THE 7-YEAR-OLD SHIH TZU WITH BLADDER TUMOUR AND URINARY STONES. The dog was operated by Dr Daniel on Dec 21, 2014 yesterday. Today at 6pm, he barked when the owners came to visit. The owners did not want surgery 2 years ago in mid 2012, when X-rays showed small stones, opting for dietary dissolution.

"6 cans of prescription diet S/D will not dissolve the stones," I explained. "The dog ought to have 3 months of S/D for 2012 and urine tests and monitoring with X-rays."  It is difficult to convince owners that they have to comply with vet instructions as they find that the dog's urine was OK with feeding of S/D 6 cans.

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