Saturday, December 20, 2014

1148. Not cured but did not come for monthly review

Poodle 6 years   muzzle, neck, ears v. itchy and bleeding. UVL +ve ringworm. Did not come back after Aug treatment. Just go to groomer and buy shampoo and anti-allergic Z/D diet from another vet nearby.

Generalised ringworm and other bacterial infections are not easy to cure. It needs daily washes and compliance with medication. Owners need to be educated as they assume medication will cure the disease. There is the environmental contamination, the towels, bedding, flooring and dog shirts which may be contaminated with ringworm spores. The dog must be clipped bald. Ear problems may involve ringworm too.

I hope this poodle will get proper home treatment and get cured.

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