Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1098. SCRIPT FOR INTERNS RGS. How to prevent swollen eyes in terrapins in a city

Early detection & veterinary treatment saves eyes

1. Hook  - Vet's dialogue with owner.
2. Be Kind to Pets - Theme
3. Introduction

    Singapore in 2014. Mostly apartment living. Few landed houses. Harried life. Video clips. 
                                   Terrapins hatchlings from wet market or pet shop. Video.
                                   Feeding. Most owners feed pellets. From Taiwan. Sample. Eat and poop in same water area.
                                   Housing. Aquarium tank. set up. Sample. Illustration.
                                                  Water level low. No daily change of water. No filter.
                                                  Basking. Dry. Rocks. Floaters, Ramp. No UV light.
                                                  No sunlight.

                                                  Flooring tiled for bigger one.

4. Middle
                 Case studies
                 Eye metaplasia
                 Eye + respiratory problems

                   Eye + shell rot.
                   Eye + chlorinated drops
                   Position of UVL light to dry the shell
                   Water filter not washed
                   Daily change of water, very smelly stools - see one case of 2 healthy terrapins kept by one owner. No eye problem. Video. 

5. Conclusion

                Hygiene of water in tanks. Nutrition (expired, quality of pellets), no seafood, fishes or shrimps when young.  
                Early detection and treatment save eyes.  Prevention. New terrapins quarantined 2 weeks.

6. Credits

Around 2 years old. Female. Active terrapin. Excellent shell quality.
Eyes swollen, closed and red for past 3 days.
Lethargic, not eating

Possible causes
1. Bacteria from new terrapin introduced into the tank around 2 weeks ago
2. Pellet quality has deteriorated over the year. Vit A deficiency.
3. De-chlorination chemicals inside the water given daily by the domestic worker.
4. No daily changes of water in the tank.

In-patient treatment at Toa Payoh Vets
Clean water daily. Eye drops and medication.
Eyes open in Day 3 but closed again.
Eyes fully open in Day 4.

Very good chances of success if treatment is given early.
The terrapin did not open her mouth to breathe and so did not have lung infections


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