Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1099. SCRIPT FOR INTERNS RGS. How to take care of your sneezing dwarf rabbit

Nov 12, 2014
5 month old female rabbit
sneezing occasionally past 2 months and more sneezing recently

1. No pus. Just clear mucus from nose. Moderate amount. I used tissue to wipe the nose to check colour of nasal discharge.

2. Rapid breathing.
3. Lung sounds - harsh, generalised in both lungs.

1. Fine alfalfa hay with dust
2. Dry shampoo for bunnies - dust
3. Under the sofa - has dust
4. Pellets with seeds - dusty

HOUSING SPACE. Too cramped ---> breathes in dust
Crate too small now as she is 5 months old, weighing one kg. There is no space to turn. Length of body = half length of crate.
So owner took away the pee tray but the rabbit wanted the pee tray. Feed bowl.
Underside of back feet - decolourised with urine.  

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