Monday, October 6, 2014

Travel images - Spain and Portugal using Canon EOS 55-250mm lens

A dog is a man's best friend. No complaint about over-time work in downtown Portugual at 9 pm .
Zoom lens 55-250 mm, "P" Mode. Fast clicking as the basker packed up.

This zoom lens produces quite sharp portraits if there is good sunlight.

10 am sunlight brings out sharp images. Need to click fast as eyes may close.

In downtown Lisbon.
A waiter is happy to pose for me, sitting from my chair, in low evening light,
using zoom lens 55-250mm
and the usual "P" Mode. No waste of time. Click the three adverts on his T-shirt. Focus on eyes.

Moving coach. Zoom lens focus on "castle".  "P" Mode and high speed continuous clicking. 

A "gypsy" sells stalks of flowers to 2 male tourists in Spain.
If you accept her offer, she will read your palm and asks you for money. As much as 20 euros. You can give her one or two euros, the local guide said to me or walk away. My tour leader warns not to accept any offer or communicate with "gypsies" who are also present in other parts of Europe.  Notice foreground, a tourist is clicking the tool used in "Flamenco" step dancing.

A Canon EOS 55-250mm lens and a Canon EOS 70D camera are used. Photoshopped images compared to original ones. 

"P" Mode, Autofocus, AutoISO, high speed continuous shooting -- produce above images.
No need to miss shoots due to the need for setting aperture and shutter

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