Monday, October 6, 2014

1072. Travel images - good composition of two people being photographed

Sometimes, a fellow tourist can give good tips on posing for a good photograph.
The Portugese tour guide in Lisbon is used to being asked for photographs.
"Sometimes, my left eye will see left while my right eye will see right," she said as she posed for several tourists.
It is good to have a sense of humour. My tour manager is high energy as she stretches her left hand and smiled

   Selfie by the younger lady with fellow tourist in winery
I was opposite. Used zooms lens. "P" Mode, Autofocus, Auto ISO and high speed continuous clicking

Oct 7, 2014
Holiday Inn, Madrid
Watched NHK World on a programme about a company being entrusted with items for safe keeping. It takes photos of items inside the box. A big white sheet is clamped on a stand and the item is photographed against a white background. Tripod. The items are posted online in this portal to be shown to others in the "fun" community. Probably same category and an auction of items for sale.   

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