Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A hamster in Africa

My name is XXX and I need help with with hamster.
My girlfriend currently live in Mozambique is taking care of hamsters from a school there. Looks like one of them, L has the wet tail. I'm attaching the photos, that she send me.
She is asking for a favour - its almost impossible to get veterinarian help for small animals in Mozambique.

L (the hamster from the photos) doesn't seem to have wet tail disease, as she doesn't have diarrhoea. Also her wet back was from the spilled water. The problems with her that require treatment are :
- red mole or a tumour that is visible on the photos
- left eye irritation (infection?) - also visible on photos
- her bum is quite dirty - she doesn't seem to groom her butt area

If there is medicine or antibiotics needed to treat the problems,then I can pass it to her.
The drops for the wet tail, would be needed rather to prevent the disease, as there are multiple hamster under her care and it could be useful. 


Oct 16, 2014
Hamster appears to have skin infections and abscesses, possibly from bite wounds. She is unable to groom her backside. Some images are not clear.  Pl tel me for further discussion.

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