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1493**. The kind 74-year-old retiree's strays cat no longer suffers from painful urination (dysuria)

Sep 11, 2014

TP 20973

The retiree is a healthy man as he does not have high cholesterol unlike many of his age.

Today, he took a bus to Toa Payoh Vets to replenish his stock of feline C/D can and dry for his beloved black and white cat, Kitty. She is 11 years old. He eats around 2 kg of dry C/D a month and the owner would come monthly to buy the 2 kg bag. Why would he do it? This is because the cat no longer suffers from blood in the urine or dysuria (difficulty in urination).

Dr Vanessa unblocked the bladder as Kitty had blood in the urine. She recorded "advised urinary test" but the owner was not in favour. The cat recovered with antibiotics. No more dysuria till Jun 3, 2014. He wanted just antibiotics and no consultation. He came back on Jun 21 and Jul 18 for the antibiotics as the cat recovered after a dose.     

"It is best to do a urine test," I advised. "The cat can't be taking antibiotics forever and they may not work. X-rays of the bladder for bladder and kidney stones will be better but urine test is less expensive."   The urine test on July 19, 2014 showed pH 8, SG 1.041, Blood 4+, bacteria +, triple phosphate + crystals

I advised feline C/D and no other food, to acidify the urine and this will do away with coming for antibiotics every 2 weeks. This would cure the cat of dysuria. He trusted me and so he got a bag of 2-kg C/D dry and 10 cans of C/D. The cat really did not have dysuria and he came almost monthly to buy the prescription diet. 

SEP 11, 2014

"She is very fussy," the man ordered 4 cans of C/D. "I give her half a can of C/D and puts the other half in the fridge. She will not eat that half!"

"It may be too cold," I said. "Warm it. What did you do with the half can?"
"I give it to the stray cat who eats anything." He showed me a picture of this old stray cat of 11 years old.  Such is the life of a wandering stray cat. Can't pick and choose.

This case shows that time must be spent on client education of retirees and make a cat healthy.

This aircraft maintenance technician still feeds 4 stray cats including the one who eats anything. This poor cat walks very slowly. "He has arthritis," the man said.I asked him to snap some images of this cat standing up on his front shoulder as the man said he had painful shoulders. I prescribed tolfedine 6 mg at 2 tab/day for 4 days, rest 4 days and give 4 days. If this pain-killer works and the retiree's diagnosis is correct, this old stray cat who used to be the muscle man of the cat neighbourhood would lead a better quality of life.

He has 2 other cats at home. "One is forever a miniature," he said. "Never grow up." He showed me video images of a chimera cat (half face black and half brown) and other handsome cats. He used to feed stray cats at the airport but the manager warned him off.

  • Ingredients to help manage stress
  • Dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days (Average 28 days)
  • Reduces the risk of struvite & calcium oxalate stones
  • Recommended for lifelong feeding of adult cats

  • APRIL 28, 2018  9am

I used software  Waze to locate the retiree's home as it is extremely difficult to find the side street in Ang Mo Kio housing apartment. He looked very fit.
"I have just been exercising," he wobbled his lower legs and had advised me to do the same.
A bright sunshine Sat morning

I had Judy phoned him first as I left the house. He was already waiting with money to pay me.
"$120 for 2 bags," I told him that the US company had increased the price by $6.00. He paid up and left to go upstairs. I quickly grabbed my camera from my car and snapped a photo of this kind old man who cared for the other stray cat."

"The cat had great difficulty standing up," he said. "Just like me in old age"
"You can walk very well, without the tongkat (walking stick).
I promised to give him some medication for the stray cat but the cat was eating, drinking, peeing and pooping normally..

.A very kind old man as he bothered to place orders and feed the two cats including the stray cats for so many years.


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