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1068. Original C-section script by Phyllis

The pregnant poodle came in with 64 days old fetuses, an ultrasound and radiographs results.
Image of the delivered puppies and the mother dog.
Title / BKTP
Caesarean of a past due date 1 year old poodle.
Be Kind to Pets: An educational video for vet students and pet owners.
Caption: “BKTP”
History: The poodle came in with a past due date of pregnancy of 64 days.
It has a history of diarrhea and vomiting, thus it had been under drips twice in a vet clinic. The owner had the poodle arranged ultrasound and radiographs; showing the presence of only 3 fetuses.

Physical examination: The poodle had a fluctuating temperature a day before the day of visitation, which indicates the soon birth of the fetuses.
The poodle is generally healthy, but without the presence of breast milk, and also bearing a symmetrical abdomen shape.
Video of the recording of the history and physical examination, with subtitles.

Defining Caesarean & explaining the poor milk production.
Anesthetizing the poodle before the procedure starts, with an approximately 5 to 10 minutes waiting time.

Surgery: Before the procedure starts, the breathing of the dog should not be too deep or active. The bifurcation of the uterus was exposed after the incision of the abdomen has been made, and finally the incision of bifurcation, exposing the neonate in a sac.

Care of neonates after caesarean: Stimulation of its breathing was made by the rubbing of the newborn, fluids in the lungs of neonates have to be cleared by the clearing, its mouth and nose and finally releasing the fluid by swinging the newborn in a solid flowing movement. After which, newborns were made sure to be in a healthy condition of pink and are breathing well.

Tail docking can be only done at 2 days old puppies, whereby one of the 3 methods has been introduced to the puppies. The 3 methods may seem to be suitable for only 2 days old puppies, but one of the methods required the puppy to be at least 7 days old. Lastly, a solution will be applied onto the wound which had a healing effect and also prevents further bleeding.
Video of anesthesia, procedure and the cleaning of the puppy.
Advice for home breeders about post Caesarean care.

Post operation checkup: Questions posted by a client about the poor condition of the production of milk, color of the vulva, and the diarrhea condition of the mother's poodle. Finally, the veterinarian advised solutions to posted questions by the owner.
Video of Post-operative checkup, and slides of care after caesarean & proper care of newborn puppies.

Video done by:
Phyllis Wong

Dr Sing Kong Yuen,
BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS

Video software:
Windows Movie Maker

Toa Payoh Vets 2014

Be Kind To Pets

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