Monday, September 29, 2014

1067. Tips on how to; Street photography - pretty women and dogs - Spain

Too many tourists obstruct a good view of this tunnel.
In the split second when tourist traffic is less, I snapped this image.
Use Rules of Thirds, with the people in the lower 1/3 of the frame for a better composition

People adds interest to a tunnel image

This owner with yellow jacket and two black dogs was adjusting his dog leashes
A passer-by came in 

Crop out the passer by. Rule of Thirds with the subjects in middle 1/3 of frame

Original image was taken in a split second as the two sisters posed for another photographer in the early morning sunlight. A passer-by obstructed me. Croping the image would be the solution and it turns up well in the images below.

Explanation on how I process the cropped image. Bloggers or Photoshop 6.0 have some software problem in not giving me the correct position of the following images

Cropping out the passer-by was not my intention.
Yet the two sisters posing at an angle look great than from the frontal view.
In portrait photography, an angled view is advised 

Photo-shopped and sharpened image
Image has been photoshopped but looks a bit pale. The ladies are fair.

More saturation
More saturation brings out the blusher and make pic more attractive

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