Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sunday's interesting case. A 15-year-old Cross-bred has a "tumour" below the right eye

Sunday Aug 14, 2014

The vet excised a skin lump and did dental scaling when the dog was 11 years old, when persuaded to do so. He did not want anymore anaesthesia and just prescribed antibiotics and steroids when the old dog of 15 years of age had a large "tumour" below the right eye.

"It is true that it is very risky to anaesthesize an old dog," I said as the vet kept telling the owner not to do any more anaesthesia.  "It looks very much like a carnaissal tooth abscess, based on location, " teeth. Periodontitis Grade 4. "

"Chances of survival are 50:50 in healthy old dogs," I can't give higher % as the dog has a muffled heart sound after my heart auscultation. "If the surgery is less than 15 minutes, chances are better."

"Is the dog coughing lately?" I asked the lady.
"When he lies down on one side, he coughs some white phlegm," she said. "But he is OK when standing."

Best advices
1. Blood test
2. Heart medication of 3 types
3. Antibiotics
Better chances of survival when operated on Day 5.
"The dog is likely to have no more coughing when lying down," I said. "That is the time to go under general anaesthesia and not today.  

This dog looks very fit, having been given daily exercise and much love.

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