Sunday, August 24, 2014

1472. Generalised pustular dermatitis - flaky and itchy dog

Saturday Aug 23, 2014

A very interesting case. The dog had "dandruff" from head to toe. Little or no hair loss.
Ear edges were flaky and appeared to have some crumbs.

Now the other vet had prescribed a "shampoo with steroid" given for 6 months. The owner did not have the shampoo ingredients.   "Is the skin disease it due to the shampoo?" the lady asked me.
"Hard to say," I presumed this shampoo had some insecticide and therefore I could not find the typical crusty ear edge. Muzzle was rough and hard with allergy. "Plastic bowl contact or biting?" I asked.  

"It could be plastic toys or treats," the wife said.

I had the dog clipped bald and bathed. Red dots all over the body were seen. Hence this was a case of generalized pustular dermatitis..

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