Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1475. Spayed dogs die young - polydipsia and polyuria

Aug 26, 2014

The two ladies came with a female, not spayed, 13-year-old Miniature Schnauzer.
The dog had passed blood around 2 months ago, as part of her heat cycle.

"But she still has (vaginal) discharge on and off in the last 2 months," the older lady said. "Today, she is dry."

I examined the vulva. Swollen and congested mucosa. The belly was hyperpigmented and the nipples were all black. No milk was expressed from the nipples.

"This is a case of open pyometra," I said. "Is the dog drinking a lot of water? Many dog owners think this polydipsia is normal!"

"Yes, yes, we thought this was normal in the lst month after her heat. But she is still thirsty after the second month."

"Does she pee a lot of times?" I asked
"Yes, yes," the older lady said.

"Why didn't you get her spayed when she was younger?" I asked. "She would not have suffered from pyometra (an infection of the womb)."

"Dogs die young when they are spayed," the older woman said. "My friends' spayed female dogs are dead. One died at 5 years of age!"

Her dog is now 13 years old and much alive and plump.

"How many dogs of your friends have had died?" I asked.
"3 dogs, all spayed and much younger than our dog."

I did not argue that this sample of 3 spayed female dogs dying young was too small to come to a scientific conclusion that spayed female dogs die young.

"I don't believe that spayed dogs do die young," I said. "I have not read any scientific reports regarding this issue."

"I guess it could be genetics. Our dog has longevity genes," the older lady said."What should we do now?"

"A 13-year-old dog has a much higher risk of death from anaethesia," I said. "We will take a blood test to screen the health of the kidneys, liver and blood cells. She has a heart murmur and heart disease will increase the risk."

A blood test is taken. The dog goes home with antibiotics for 7 days. The owners will have to decide whether to risk spaying the companion or not.  Some old dogs do die on the operating table and so the owners must give informed consent for the spay surgery. The 13-year-old plump Miniature Schnauzer is considered aged, but she looks younger and is active. 


Definition of pyometra. - open and closed pyometra

Differential Diagnosis


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