Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1397. No vaccination for 8-month-old dog now has canine parvovirus

A couple adopted an 8-month-old dog from a home-breeder. A runt. The dog was boarded in a pet shop around 7 days ago before handing over. She became lethargic and ate less 3 days ago and was seen by Dr Daniel. On the next day, the dog was also lethargic. I palpated the abdomen and there was a lot of gas. The owner did not want blood test but X-rays were approved.

The next day, the dog had passed blood in the stools overnight.

I suspected canine parvovirus. Positive for CPV Ag test (2 bars) as seen in the image.

She was standing after I/V drips and antibiotics. Drank a lot of water but vomited all out. I asked the couple to spend time with her by bringing her home overnight. The dog drank and vomited all water. Lots of blood in watery stools.

My experience is that this dog would get worse and die as she had never been vaccinated. The home breeder did not vaccinate her dogs. As long as they are not exposed to other dogs e.g. in the pet shop, they are OK. But she was boarded in this pet shop around 7 days ago.

The dog would not eat. The owner decided it would be humane to put her to sleep as she passed bloody diarrhoea and was in pain.

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