Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1396. A Jack Russell scored a bull's eye - closed pyometra

Jul 2, 2014

This case shows the need to be thorough in veterinary examination of old female dogs presented as lethargic and having diarrhoea or loose stools. The instant diagnosis is a gastroenteritis. Just give the injections and medication to the dog. Ask the owner to return if not responding to treatment.

"It is not the money for spaying this dog," the man in his late 50s had waited for many years for his female dog to conceive. But the female dog was not interested in the male Jack Russell and now she is 8 years old. I had X-rays showing swollen uterine loops and had felt these loops using my left hand to palpate the abdomen. Some loops and abdominal discomfort but the dog did not bite me. She was just lethargic.

A blood test shows anaemia, low serum urea and creatinine. No leucocytocis as expected in pyometra. This blood test is not typical of pyometra. I turned the dog upside down and squirted out some milk from one nipple and reddish discharge which shot to the owner's eye from another nipple. Both from the Mammar Glands 5, the most caudal of the nipples. It was bull's eye and the owner rubbed his left eye tellling me he had been hit by the discharge.

i quickly got some eye drops to clear his blood shot eyes, probably a result of insufficient sleep or a stressful lifestyle. This incident was the first time in my 40 years of practice and I was concerned that this owner not be blinded by this reddish brown discharge (see image).

"No surgery" he reiterated.
"It is up to you," I told him that the dog needed an emergency spay and if he decided not to operate, it is his responsibility if the dog dies subsequently. He had been advised.

"I will ask my daughter to talk to you." he said. I explained to the daughter and did the illustration (video). An emergency spay by Dr Daniel (video) and the dog now is barking furiously at the 7th day as I write this report.

Our problem is pestering the owner to take the dog home as he would say he was coming and did not turn up.


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