Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1372. Optional tour - volcano & hot springs

It is up to the tour manager to market the volcano tour as the agency did not help him. In the agency brochure, there is only one sentence: "Suggested optional: Volcano boat tour".   No more information. So, some think that there are poisonous hydrogen sulphide acid and gas spurting out from the volcano, risking their health. I did not hear the manager giving a briefing and he might have done so.

The volcano is dormant. There is also the visit to the "Hot Spring" and a swim towards it.

I decided to go to this tour at the last minute and asked the manager to arrange it. Outside the booking booth, the advert said: "15 Euros".  There was some pricing exclamation from some members of the tour group.
"How much did you pay?" I asked Jamie.
"55 Euros," she said. "Are you going to pay the manager?"
It was a savings of 40 Euros apparently. As the tour manager was with us on the tour taking care of us, I should not begrudge him his commissions as he does not get much from his agency, esp. if he is a freelancer.

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