Sunday, June 1, 2014

1371. Anaesthetic challenge. Leg amputation in a dwarf hamster

A dragging fractured hind limb is usually not tolerated by an active dwarf hamster. In this 1-year-9-month-old hamster, the right limb was fractured at the distal tibia. The fractured area became red and swollen over the last 5 days as the hamster felt the pain and the burden.

Amputation was the choice as infection and gangrene would set in. However, anaesthesia is a challenge in this case as the margin of safety is low in such small creatures. A bit more anaesthesia would kill. I gave 2 drops of Zoletil 50 IM and operated fast, within 10 minutes to remove the leg. Details are in the illustration and video.

As at 7 days after surgery, the hamster is OK and active.

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