Monday, May 19, 2014

1368. An outstanding Greek tour guide - Irene

May 18, 2014. Athens

Irene, a Greek tour guide who has a personality and temperament that captivated the 34 Singaporean and Malaysian packaged tour group with her story telling of Greek mythology which mirrored real life affairs of mortals. For example, the "naughty god" Zeus who slept with various Goddesses.  Zeus promised to grant any wish and his wife instigated Zeus' mistress to reveal his true self. The mistress asked Zeus who appeared as thunder, thereby killing the mistress.

As she told us she was a Fullbright opera scholar, some of us asked her to sing. She did sing "Auld Lang Syne" suddenly and I was able to capture part of this most memorable experience of the tour to share with viewers.

Athens tour guide

Athens tour guide sings Auld Lang Syne

 The following are some Singaporean travelers on the "Blue Horizon" ferry, from Crete to Athens. We had beds in this ferry.

A tour guide in Crete explaining the history of the Minoan Palace.


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