Friday, May 16, 2014

1367. Travel stories - Ferry to Santorin

Big rolling waves. So a bigger ferry came to pick us up at Mykonos Island to go to Santoriri Island. Hence half a day was "wasted". But in this Greek Island Tour, the main complaint from one senior citizen was too many "free and easy" tours of half days. "What's the point of packaged tours if one is left "free and easy?" for so many occasions? The younger ones organized taxi trips to visit other places nearby but not this senior citizen couple.




Black and white traveler at ferry point in Santorini

Strong rolling waves rock this ferry from Myokonos Island to Santorini Island although the skies look bright and calm. After the recent Korean ferry disaster, nobody complained about the change to a bigger safer ferry to go to Santorini Island, delaying the travel by half a day. I used zoom lens 55-250 mm and had a split second to focus on the lady's eyes and click.

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