Friday, May 16, 2014

1365. Travel Stories - Santorini, Greece

May 16, 2014

Yesterday, I got sunburnt while on a boat cruise to the Volcanic Mountains and Hot Springs. The fees were 55 Euros/person as an optional tour. Some Singaporeans spotted the "Cheapest excursions" for the above tour, reduced from 20 Euros to 15 Euros and some snapped images.

"Did you pay 15 Euros?" the kind-hearted girl asked me as I was a belated participant. The others had paid up for this optional tour. "The tour leader has to earn a living as he is not paid a full salary," I just paid the same amount. "He spends time making travel arrangements and accompanying us."  It is a hard life for the tour guide as he has to coordinate and attend to complaints and changes and so I don't begrudge him the money.

This kind-hearted girl, in her late 20s, held the hand of a senior citizen lady crossing a busy road. The senior citizen asked her to take care of her husband. The husband said in the Mandarin equivalent: "I open the way for you all." I was shocked when the kind-hearted girl remarked in Mandarin: "Don't bullshit me!"  In Mandarin, it sounded "don't pass gas". This young Singaporean wife and another one are more frank in the treatment of their husbands.

As  for me, in the old school, I am not used to such frankness but this is the new age.

Yesterday was hectic.

Cable car ride, boat cruise to Volcanic Mountain where my left leg fell into the gap between two boats as I was boarding the boat after the walk up the Mountain. It is like walking into the gap between the subway train and the platform. Fortunately I did not suffer much injuries. One person slipped and fell walking up the pebbly Volcanic Mountain.

At the Hot Springs, I dared not jump in to swim but had a video.
Donkey rides for most of the younger Singaporeans while I took the cable car up.

In Greece and Dubai where my packaged tour travelers stay, usually only the lobby has free wireless internet. 
Today, I manage to post one interesting image from the cable car station.  I thought this lady wore an appropriate T-shirt as there were donkeys or mules in this part of Santorini. She said it was a coincidence as she did not get this T-shirt from Santorini. 
In Greek mythology, if you look at Medusa, you will turn into stone. Medusa is portrayed as having snakes in her wavy hairs. So, the image below reminds me of a modern Medusa in Greece.  Bright morning sunshine at around 10 am, near the cable car station. Donkeys pass by and poop on the cobble-stone streets.  

In this tour, some of the 33 travelers asked for emails to email pictures to each other.  Our Singaporean guide said that he could do it for us. I doubt it as most don't seem to have time to do it and so it is better to do it ourselves.  I also don't email pictures to fellow travellers when I am back to Singapore. I email this image at Hotel Galaxy in Greece as it reminds me of a modern Medusa in Greece.   


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