Monday, May 12, 2014

1364. Travel stories - Mountainous monasteries, Greece

May 13, 2014  6 am
Divani Palace Acropolis, Rm 356

Leaving for the Greek Islands at 6.15 am. Yesterday, visited two monasteries in the high mountains. We got a much bigger room with more power points than on arrival when we were given a smaller room on the 2nd floor. This hotel is said to be 5-star but the smaller room would be given to packaged tour travellers who are the mass market. So we use the lobby's free wireless rather than pay for use in the rooms.

Bright sunshine, blue skies and cool days.

I manage to post one good image of fellow travelers after the visit to the mountainous monasteries, one for the monks and one for the nuns. Red and white comes out well in this image if you can appreciate the contrast. A thin band of sunshine lit up the fair lady (2nd from right)


Yesterday, after the visit to the nunnery, outside waiting for the bus to move out at 11 am.
The sunlight was there and the red and whites make an interesting photo. I can't figure out what they aere looking at. Probably a stray cat?

Red and black. Rose gardens are rare in Singapore. 

In the prime but has imperfections. We need to embrace imperfections and changes in our lives as globalisation and unemployment adversely affect many of us. In Greece, around 28% of the young are employed. In Singapore, the young in general, job hops and does not want to work on week ends. In Dubai, the taxi drivers are young foreigners working 12 hours, 7 days a week for one to two years and then get a 45-day home leave. They don't get paid a retainer. Commissions are based at 35% for earnings over DH 12,000 and 30% for over DH 10,000 and 20% for less.    

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