Sunday, November 17, 2013

1182, Feedback forms for tour guide - Coach broken into

Can these travel pictures tell a story without words?

At 9 am, after the hotel breakfast, in New Jersey, a group of Singaporean tourist prepared to board the bus but it had been burglared. The door was locked. How did the burglar unlock and did he lock the door?  The police was called.




 The coach drove off. The police woman took some notes. The items stolen inside of the coach were some bottles of water, chips, newspapers and the coach driver's sunglasses. A camera was not taken nor was a jacket. The luggage had been off-loaded and taken into the hotel as advised by the tour guide and so no valuables were lost.  About 10 minutes of driving to the Factory Outlet, with visions of shopping the whole day for the lady tourists, the ceiling of the coach flew off. Sunlight and a gentle breeze streamed in. I was sitting to the left of this vent and the gap was a surprise. A "Ah Ha" moment for the 36 tourists from Singapore. 35 adults and one girl of 13 years of age who must have left school after the PSLE to go on this trip with her parents. This was how the burglar came in. 

Sherman stopped the coach on a safe spot and inspected this gap. He had to U-turn back to the hotel to make the police report and then to re-trace his path on the expressway to look for the missing safety vent. All 36 pairs of eyes glued to the expressway for this piece, some to the right side of the coach, some to the left. The tour guide in front would scan both sides. "There's the missing vent!" somebody shouted. It was lying on the grass patch and not crushed by the large trucks wheezing past the expressway. The tour guide and Sherman went to retrieve this item.

We continued our journey. The day was bright and sunny. The skies were blue. Everybody was relieved as they have a covered coach in case of rain. The October weather was fine, but who knows whether there would be rain and without this vent, we would be soaked.

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