Monday, November 18, 2013

1183. The coach was burglarised. How did he do it?


Can the above pictures tell a story without text?

The police responded to a call from the hotel in New Jersey at 9 am on a bright October 2013 morning

The victim was the coach which was broken into overnight. The door of the coach was still locked. Sherman unlocked the door for the police to investigate. I admired the pretty police car. "To Protect, Defend and Serve".  Why not "Protect, Defend, Serve" just like the book "Eat, Pray, Love"?

Nothing of value was inside the coach as the tour guide had advised the 35 Singaporean tourists to take all valuables and their luggage back into the hotel room last night. The stolen items were water bottles, packages of chips and the coach driver's sunglasses. A camera was not taken.   In the television, there would be the CSI taking evidence of finger prints and any other matter. But nothing was taken and so the police woman and a police man left soon after taking some notes. 
There was no suspect.  It could be a "home-less" person stealing food and water. Or was it the work of the cab driver who had been honked at by the coach driver to drive off as he was blocking the hotel entrance last night? Pure speculation. Why should the "home-less" be blamed for this petty theft? It could be the youngsters and pranksters. But why would he or they lock the coach door after burglary?  We assume he or they enter by the coach door at the side. We were not experienced in CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and would think only of the door. The windows were not smashed. I presumed the police thought so as the burglar could have a master key.  

We all boarded for the Factory Outlet. The men were not thrilled to spend the whole day there. I considered it as a waste of time. So many things to see in the USA, in Washington, in New Jersey and this packaged tour catered to the retail therapy of many Singaporean women. The stereotypical Singaporean female tourist is one who would shop till she drops. I am sure many are immune to this retail therapy.  As the coach zoomed past to the happy hunting grounds or I would say, shopping outlets, a whooze and a big squarish gap appeared on the ceiling of the bus. 


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