Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Resource: ProQuest Health & Medical Complete
Title: The incredible vanishing veterinary visit
Author: Dale, Steve

Firstline vol. 9, no. 3 (Mar 2013), p. 16-19

Year: 2013
Abstract: Your and your clients' perceptions and your clients may be entirely different from the types I've described. But data suggests in many practices, most clients don't understand the need to visit the veterinarian for preventive care exams. While I believe this is true, I also believe that when veterinary team members take the time to explain the importance of these exams, most clients see the value in them because they want what's best for their pets. Fight common feline assumptions. For example, pet owners might say, "My cat isn't acting sick" or "My indoor cat doesn't need to see a veterinarian." Provide information to dispel myths proactively to clients via email and social media. And link to the handout "Getting your cat to the veterinarian" from the AAFP that offers tips for carrier desensitization and counter-conditioning. The CATalyst Council also offers a great video about carrier transport. These factors begin to explain the decline in veterinary care, but there are several others- for example, the profusion of parasiticides now available over the counter. In my opinion, this contributes big time to the decline. My readers, listeners, and viewers tell me that since they're purchasing these products in other places, there's no need to see the veterinarian. What's more, pet owners sometimes make the wrong choices or don't understand how to use the products.
Why else would flea infestations be up? Be proactive, and use email and social media to explain why your input might save clients money and help protect their pets' health. The disappearing act pet owners are performing across the country is more than a veterinary problem- it's a veterinary hospital problem. We're all in this together. So don't sit back and assume nothing can be done. You have a few tricks up your sleeve to make a difference in pets' health.
Subject: Animal care
Economic crisis
Publication Dates: Mar 2013

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