Friday, October 11, 2013

1185. Ear warts are quite common in the older dwarf hamster

In this case, the hamster kept scratching his left ear and came in for surgery on Oct 9, 2013. From my observation, I told the husband that the ear might need to be cut off. Dr Daniel handled the surgery and removed the wart, putting in two 4/0 nylon stitches.  Sedation with Zoletil IM. The hamster woke up 30 minutes later. Image of him on a "mouse" was taken 15 minutes after surgery.

Will the hamster still scratch his left ear? There are 2 stitches. As each vet has his or her own approach to surgery, I would not say my approach would be the better. In my approach, I would excise the wart and used KMnO4 powder to cauterise the wound. Or I would use electro-cautery. That would mean no stitches which could irritate the hamster again and would need removal in 10 days' time.

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