Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1184. Review of TP 40729. Maltese, 10 years old, M, kidney stones

Today Oct 10, 2013, I phoned the busy lady owner of the Maltese as she returned my call. She said the dog is OK, with no blood in the urine and is fed the special diet.

I review the medical records relevant to the case

Dec 6, 2009. 6 years old. 3 kg. Very thin. Treated for vomiting & diarrhoea
Jul 10, 2010    Dental scaling & extracted  teeth

Oct 3, 2011     Bloody urine recorded by associate vet. UTI?  Urine test - black & turbid. Blood 4+. White blood cells 1620, Red blood cells >2250. Too turbid to perform biochemical tests. Blood urea 6.5 (4.2-6.3), creatinine 85 (89-177). No increase in total WCC or other values.  X-rays

Jan 27, 2013. 10 years old. 3.3 kg. Vomiting & diarrhoea today. I palpated very painful abdomen. Blood test -  liver enzymes elevated. Urea 11.2, Creatinine 88. Advised X-ray.   

Jul 7, 2013. Blood in the urine 2 days. X-ray shows small kidney stones. X-rays given to owner.
Urine pH  8.0  SG 1.044,  Blood 4+, amorphous phosphate +,

I recorded the following:
S/D for 1-3 months. The owner bought 12 cans of S/D and no more news from her.
urine test monthly.

As at Oct 10, 2013, the lady owner told me that there is no blood in the urine. However, she did not submit any urine for testing and said she bought  the "special diet" to feed her dog. This case study was made into a video by interns during the first episode of turbid blood in the urine. See:

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