Friday, October 4, 2013

1176. Transparency of medical charges

The case of Dr Susan Lim v Singapore Medical Council (SMC)
The Court of Appeal delivered a verdict on Jun 28, 2013 ruled that Dr Susan Lim overcharged a member of the Brunei royal family supporting the SMC's charge of professional misconduct leading to her suspension.
The Court did not define "ethical limits" as regards overcharging.

1. His peers must decide that a fee is excessive
2. A fee that is absurd or unconscionable.

The listing of charges should provide transparency and let patients make informed decisions and uphold the honour, honesty and integrity of the profession. Charges must be accurate and detailed as possible and include the complexity of care, the doctor's experience and the cost of the service rendered. Some hospitals list the doctor's fees separately from the hospital charges.

Posting of prices online by public and private hospitals on procedures will be best.

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